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John R. Morgan

Candidate for Zoning Board of Appeals

About John

John is excited by the opportunity to bring his “close-detail” yet wide-ranging expertise in real estate to bear on the specifics of Waterford zoning.

Morgan is a leading national authority in the field of real estate license exams. An educator and test writer by trade, he has authored a series of real estate license exam prep books that are now used in 47 states. His national prominence led the government of Bermuda to invite him to oversee its licensing exams and prepare a comprehensive study guide for its candidates.

He has held a Connecticut real estate license since 1999, and sold real estate in Tucson, Arizona prior to his involvement with real estate testing. A member of the Real Estate Educators Association for 25 years, he has given several presentations on writing national-exam caliber test questions at their annual meetings.

He has been familiar with Waterford since infancy: his mother, Alice Getchell, was an eighth-generation native of the shoreline of Shore Road and Great Neck, and she brought her four children to visit and play with their extensive Waterford family in "Brooksville," a small lane of tiny lots dotted with bungalows, cottages, picnic-parcels, wild wine-berry and courant bushes, and lots of skunk cabbage in the swamp. It remains a unique family subdivision just east of the Seaside created for his grandmother and 10 of her siblings by their father, the local self-taught artist, Burtus A. Brooks.

Since 1998 he has lived in his mother's childhood home there. He married in 2002, and he and his wife are now raising two sons. One is now studying at Waterford High School, the other is beginning his first year at the Marine Science Magnet High School, and both are certified Swamp Yankees!

A sampling of his volunteer work, associations, and achievements include

  • USCGR: six years service, mostly Search and Rescue (SAR) at Pt. Judith; honorable discharge

  • Twenty marathons between 1993 and 2017, times ranging from 3:27 to much longer!

  • American Legion Post #9: member since 2001

  • West Neck Cemetery Association (WNCA): Secretary/Treasurer/Historian (2004-present)

  • Memorial Day Presentations at the West Neck and Old Rogers Cemeteries for Great Neck classes

  • The Friendship School Family Organization (FFO): former Treasurer 

  • Connecticut Real Estate Commission: Continuing Education Task Force (2009-13)

  • Waterford Seventh Day Baptist Church: member and volunteer groundskeeper member 

  • Cub Scouts: Tiger Den Leader for each of his two sons' first year in Scouting

  • Sons of the American Revolution: member; State Chair of the Knight Essay Committee


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