Susan Driscoll

Incumbent Candidate for Representative Town Meeting

About Sue

Susan has lived in Graniteville for 35 years, a few doors down the street from the original Driscoll homestead built in the 1860s when her ancestors emigrated from Ireland and found work in the Millstone quarry. Since then, several generations of Driscolls have been proud to call Waterford their home.

Her daughter, Sara Dunaj, is a successful product of the Waterford school system, a graduate of USC, and now a partner in an award-winning public relations firm. Susan is also the proud aunt of two of WHS’s star pitchers, who accumulated quite a collection of state championship rings during their tenures on the mound.

Susan is a Bureau of Business Practice alumnus, working nearly 30 years there (now the site of the Community Center) writing and editing nationally recognized books, newsletters, and videos providing employers with guidance on how to comply with the FLSA, federal employment laws, and payroll taxes. After BBP ultimately closed, she worked as a freelancer, writing books and articles on those topics for publishers such as Simon & Schuster and Bloomberg, as well as for several firms, including Deloitte & Touche, and ADP.

In her second life, Susan served as former State Senator Andrea Stillman’s legislative aide, which was a crash course in how government works—or doesn’t. Duties included serving as a liaison to state agencies, municipal officials in the eight towns of the 20th District, advocacy groups, and the inevitable lobbyists.  She was responsible for all constituent casework (details of which remain confidential), and wrote or edited all official correspondence, including support letters for grant requests from our eight towns, bill proposals and testimony, and requests for state bonding on behalf of municipalities and local organizations, including the O’Neill’s National Theater Institute.

During her tenure on the RTM, Susan has served (depending on election results) as both the Majority and Minority Leader and has consistently believed in the benefits of “reaching across the aisle” to ensure that the RTM makes the best decisions for our town. She was a fierce advocate on issues such as revamping the formula for sewer fees that resulted in lower bills for most residents while fully funding maintenance costs; consolidation of our five elementary schools into three state-of-the-art schools that provided ALL our students with equitable facilities and resources; and combining our town and volunteer fire services into a unified department, following successful state and national models, to improve public safety.
Susan currently chairs the RTM’s Legislation & Administration Committee, where she has finalized revisions of the Ethics Commission ordinances and updated the RTM’s Rules of Order to ensure FOI compliance, codify traditional practices to maintain stability regardless of who’s in the majority, and to provide publicly accessible documentation of information and deliberations behind RTM actions.

She fought for the creation of a special committee to review the status of our fire services, including staffing challenges, volunteer incentives, upkeep of the fire houses, and coordination with our contracted rescue service providers.  And, as a member of the Long-Range Fiscal Planning, she is focused on ways the town can prepare—such as economic development, prioritizing town services and efficiencies, and strategic plans for big-ticket capital projects—to offset the loss of 30% of our tax revenues with the planned shutdown of Millstone. 

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